Home Health Aide

This 40-hour, 2-week certification program is one of the fastest growing fields in the country today. The HHA profession is expanding dramatically both locally and nationally with an abundance of well-paid opportunities for caring for the needs of the elderly, handicapped or recovering from an illness or injury. A home health aide will visit patient’s homes to administer the personal care they need. HHAs help their clients with everyday activities like getting out of bed, bathing, dressing, exercising and grooming, They may also give some medications, help with housekeeping and prepare meals., They also provide emotional support to their patients.

They work with social workers, nurses, physicians,, patients’ family members and the patient in determining the appropriate care for the patient. HHA’s keep regular, records of their patient’s health status and progress. The HHA training not only benefits the individual looking for, a career boost but anyone else that faces the common issues around aging family members and proper in home, care. This course will prepare the student with the ability and the knowledge as well as the understanding of the, aging process and how to provide the proper attention to those we cherish., The HHA Certificate is designed to compliment an existing or future CNA certificate.


  • HHA Ethics
  • Patient dietary considerations
  • Proper disciplinary procedures/ HHA’s role in child care.
  • HHA’s role in the social dynamic of the home
  • HHA’s responsibilities for various patient events
  • Emergency procedures
  • Identifying important changes in the patient’s health

Hours of Instruction:

Times are subject to change, please call LAVI for current hours