Nurse Assistant

This 160-hour, 8-week certification program will provide the academic and practical knowledge that is involved in becoming a NA or Nursing Assistant. The most important attributes that a student can possess are a desire to share their healing spirit and the need to provide care in a compassionate manner.

A NA’s responsibilities include answering patient calls, serving meals, making beds and bathing patients. A NA may also take patient temperatures, pulse rate, respiration rate and blood pressure. In a hospital setting, they may assist in surgery room preparation. As an intuitive caregiver, one of the most significant tasks a NA performs is regular tracking 4 of a patient’s physical, emotional or mental health and reporting, any major changes to higher medical staff. A NA must be able to stay calm under stressful circumstances which may, arise, and be able to perform emergency procedures.

Upon certification a NA may work in a variety of environments including hospitals, residences, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. On Nurse Assistant page

Hours of Instruction:

Times are subject to change, please call LAVI for current hours