LA Vocational Institute programs are student focused, Our staff is dedicated to helping our students receive the best possible training so our students may succeed in highly rewarding careers. Our courses have been developed by experienced professionals. They are specifically designed to provide you with the state of art medical skill that you need to thrive in a competitive healthcare environment. You will have all of the academic  and practical knowledge that is involved in becoming a well paid Phlebotomy Technician, Medical Assistant, EKG, Certified Nurse Assistant, Home Health Aide, Pharmacy Technician, Physical Therapy Aid.

2019 School Catalog

Phlebotomy technician

This 100 Hour 4 Week Program will give you all the academics plus 40 hours practical knowledge with treating patients to become a Certified Phlebotomist . You’ll understand the complexities and be familiar with the duties required for you to administer Venipuncture

Medical Assistant

One of the leading occupational choices for both male and females is a career in the medical office. This 720-hour, 30-week certification program will prepare you as a highly qualified candidate for any medical assistant position.

Nurse Assistant

This 160-hour, 11-week certification program will provide the academic and practical knowledge that is involved in becoming a NA or Nursing Assistant. Our instructors will provide you the tools to help a patient in need.

Home Health Aide

This 40-hour, 4-week certification program is one of the fastest growing fields in the country today. The HHA profession is expanding dramatically both locally and nationally with an abundance of well-paid opportunities for caring for the needs of the elderly

Pharmacy Technician

This 650 hour 32 week certification program is a one of the fastest growing careers and the first step on your pathway to a success in the Medical Community. Our Pharmacy Technician program prepares students for practice as Pharmacy Technicians

Physical Therapy Aide

The goal of a Physical Therapy Aide is to create a more productive atmosphere for the therapist while allowing for the comfort of the patient. While the Aide does not work directly on the patient, they will work under the supervision of the Physical Therapist


This 20 hour course in designed to fill the needs of student who desire the ability to identify the resting (and exercise) Normal and abnormal EKG, as well as provide an overview of heart anatomy, function and neurophysiology.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is one of the fastest growing health care fields in the country today. Alternative healthcare is becoming increasingly popular for stress reduction, soft tissue relaxation and restoration as well as injury-recovery therapy.

Medical Billing & Coding

This 760-hour, 18-week certification program is one of the most flexible and fastest growing career choices in the health care field. Medical billing is the practice of submitting claims to Insurance companies or any other entity including Medicare


This NCLEX-RN test is a comprehensive computer based test designed to measure your skills and knowledge in the field of Nursing or Healthcare. This exam is mandatory for anyone desiring to be a licensed RN.